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Use this facility to ask senior management* a question about anything to do with Children's Services. It can be questions about policies, procedure, parking, desks, office facilities etc- anything! We will do our best to get you a reply within a week and we will post your question and our answer on this page.

Over the course of the last year Corbyn Road has been pilotting the 'post-it system' where staff could raise any issues or queries with senior management.

This Ask Children's Services facility will replace the manual Corbyn Road system and will give staff in other locations an opportunity to have direct access to Cath Knowles and her management team.


Queries raised and answered will be posted (anonymously to this site).

Divisional Management Team (DMT)*

• Helen Ellis (Interim Chief Officer)

• Scott Jones (Interim Head of Family Solutions)
• Anne Marie Delaney (Head of Service - assessment and care management)
• Iona Payne (Head of Service - children in care and resources)
• Andrea Stone (Head of Service - Safeguarding and Review)
• Neil Hoskinson (Lead for Education Outcomes)
• Matthew Smith

• Indejit Lahel

• Laura Jones-Moore

• Luke Dabin Williams



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