Ask Children's Services

Use this facility to ask senior management* a question about anything to do with Children's Services. It can be questions about policies, procedure, returning to work, home working, office facilities etc- anything! We will do our best to get you a reply within a week and we will post your question and our answer on this page.

Queries raised and answered will be posted (anonymously to this site).

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)*

  • Catherine Driscoll, Director of Children's Services)

  • Helen Ellis (Service Director Early Help, Schools and SEND)

  • Andrea Stone (Service Director of Children's Social Care)

  • Scott Jones (Head of Family Solutions)

  • Karen Graham (Interim Head of Service - Children & Families)

  • Heidi Henderson (Acting Head of Service - Children in Care and Resources)

  • Nicola Hale (Head of Service - Safeguarding, Practice & Quality Assurance)

  • Jeremy Keeble (Interim Head of Education Outcomes)

  • Toni Dawodu (Head of SEND)

  • Matthew Smith (Head of Business Support)

  • Indejit Lahel (Head of Integrated Commissioning Performance & Partnerships)

  • Laura Jones-Moore (Senior Principal Accountant)

  • Jane Donaldson (Senior Principal Accountant)