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Nominees & Winners

We received over 150 nominations for staff and teams and we found it exceptionally hard to identify winners amongst all the entries.

All nominees received a certificate and the winners were announced at an awards ceremony on earlier on this year 

at Himley Hall.

ASYE Graduates


Congratulations go the following social workers for completing their ASYE year:


Cohort 2015/2016

Leah Olive

Helene Nzacahayo


 Cohort 2016/2017

Sapna Sharma

Sophie Rees

Joanne Fenton

Mohammed Waqar

Sandip Dhesi

Ruth Mwarage

Sunita Kallu

Patrick Nyamwanza

Laura Sharpes

Thais Zapta-Montava

Elizabeth Callear

Saran John


Team of the year



Fostering Admin

Fostering Team

Corbyn Road Admin

IRO Team

Adoption Team

Corbyn Road Reception

Assessment Team 1

Safeguarding Team

Care Management Pod 2

Leaving Care Team

Fostering Admin

Children in Care Team 3

Fostering Team

Winner: MASH Team


“The MASH TEAM is multi professional. All partnership staff work in a pressurised environment and never stop working hard to make the right decision for child and families.  Timescales are met (for the most), each partner is committed, each member of staff is committed, the child's voice is key to making decisions.   The team was rated ‘Good’ last Ofsted visit.”


Support worker of the year




Alison Bowles

Jo Bedworth

Jenni Fennell

Angela Healey

Jo Smith (Hanks)

Jill Sidaway

Anita Robinson

 Joanne Palmer

Melanie Fincher

Chris Noble

Julie Garbett

Paulette Bacchus

Gary Brown

Lisa Neilson

Tammy McKenzie

Lisa Talbot

Margaret Johnson

Pauline Martin

Sara Harvey



Winner: Jenni Fennell, Intensive Family Support Worker


“Nominated for two awards Jenni completes 1-1 work with children and families in the ART Team (Adolescent Response Service.) Her commitment to maintaining children's safety, their dignity and positive outcomes goes above and beyond.


Jenni regularly works unsociable hours; late at night and weekends to get the best results and puts the service she offers before herself.”

Lead/team manager of the year


Samantha Grainger

Anne-Marie Delaney

Joanne Attley

 Claudia Gordon

 Joy Gamble

 Dhyal Samra

 Kay Newton

 Heather Flynn

 Lucy Brown

 Jacqui Heath

 Maureen Moss

 Jayne Gregory

 Nikki Hubbard

 Jeanette Manley

 Rebecca Vaughan



Winner: Rebecca Vaughan, Team Manager


“Rebecca has shown perseverance throughout a very difficult and challenging time in Care Management, her dedication to her team is second to none. Rebecca is committed and has embraced the improvement journey, taking on board advice and guidance from Audits and Training. 


Rebecca is proactive with supervision, has positive performance within her team and is a very valued member of the team.”


Business support officer of the year




Amy Wilson

Joanne Attley

 Beth Woodhouse

 Krystena Jenkinson

 Gurpreet Kumari

 Lisa Woodhouse

 Harry Stephenson

 Mandy Albrighton

 Heather Heywood

 Michelle Cash


Winner: Heather Heywood and Lisa Woodhouse, Panel Admin


“Both (heather and Lisa) are very helpful and provide the team with consistency during a time of change. They have helped to cover the roles of the Admin Assistant which for much of the last 12 plus months has been vacant or filled temporarily and has continued to provide excellent service to the Adoption Team during huge uncertainty for the team in general.”




Working with young people in the community award


Winner: Dudley CVS


“The CVS team continue to work above and beyond to support children and families in the Dudley area.


The team is driven and passionate about the work they do and are making a real difference to the lives of young people”



Foster carer(s) of the year




Eileen and Wilf Matthews

Lee Salton and James Mclaughlin

Laura and Paul Parker

Lorraine and Andy Butcher

Emma and Scott  Hammond

Mitch Jeavons and Nicola McFarlane

Heather Banks

Tracey and Nick Jowett

 Janet King

Tracey Price

Kath and Chris King


Winner: Lee Salton and James Mclaughlin


“Their commitment to the children in their care is evident; they offer a very high standard of fostering care. In addition they pay an important role in supporting other foster carers (day care and buddying) as well as in furthering the inclusion agenda (vulnerable groups).


They have had an active role in fostering our recruitment campaigns   and have helped to raise the foster carer profile in Dudley.”   


Social worker of the year




Alison Hynds

Russell Savage

 Claire Wood

Salinder Samrai

 Clare Saunders

Sara Ogden

 Emma McCarthy

Sarah Taylor

 Helene Nzacahayo

Sarah Whitehouse

 Jennifer Collett

Vicky Earls

Rachael Evans


Winner: Emma McCarthy


“Emma is a newly qualified worker and always goes above and beyond to support the family's she works with and staff within her team. Emma faces the challenges of the job head on.


She has demonstrated commitment to the children she works with and has maintained consistently good relationships with the families she works with; in often difficult circumstances, and has shown that she is resilient, resourceful, conscientious and above all, has passion for the work that she does.”



Extra mile award




 Cheryl Richards

Jo Smith (Hanks)

 Christine Noble

 Melanie Fincher

 Danielle Kelly

 Natalie Burke

 Emma McCarthy

 Natalie Beattie

 Gary Brown

 Rachael Evans

 Jenni Fennel

 Sarah Such

 Jennie Topple

 Vicky Earls


Winner: Christine Nobel


“Chris is the Connexions advisor that is linked to the Care Leavers Team. She works exceptionally hard to support the team and the young people we refer to her. She is resilient, always cheerful and goes the extra mile for the young people. She has high aspirations for care leavers within Dudley.


She is a brilliant advocate for them and regularly challenges stereotypes held by other professionals. She is always on the look-out for new initiatives and is creative when trying to support young people into training and employment. Chris is a valued part of our service and without her, our team would not be as effective.”



Strategic director’s award


Winners: Tipton Road Residential Care Home Staff


Richard Adams

Nigel Marshall

Jeff Hyde

Lynne Harrington


“Sometimes our commitment to putting children first can be evidenced in the most extraordinary ways. Richard Nigel, Jeff and Lynne are all members of staff at Tipton Road Children’s Home caring for some of our most vulnerable children.


In the recent snowy weather Richard walked for three and a half hours to get to work with his colleagues carrying out similar feats of endurance.”


Special recognition award


Winner: Russell Savage, social worker


“Russell has been given this award for his work with a very troubled young woman. Ultimately his commitment led to him being thanked by the young woman for saving her life after he physically stopped her from jumping from a car park roof and then being with her and supporting at a time that she thought all was lost.”

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