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Problem Solving Circle

Problem Solving Circle is a systematic interview approach, in which colleagues discuss professional issues and key topics with one another.


The conversation is structured into six phases and should result in solutions that are helpful to the person who presented his or her problem. Participants present their cases, problems and practical questions and during these sessions they work without external support.

Problem Solving Circle enables workers to go beyond individual limitations and to expand on their knowledge, skills and experiences. It supports staff to be self-directed learners, determining their own needs and choosing appropriate tools for their development

It enables workers to go beyond individual limitations and to expand on their knowledge, skills and experiences with the use of structured supervision tools such as: analysis of both positive and challenging incidents, issues, dilemmas and experiences; structured questioning; and sharing of practice and feedback.



  • Networking

  • Counter-products burnout

  • Builds Practice supervisory skills for staff

  • Develops a reflective culture and one that promotes continuous learning and development

  • Improves workers confidence and resilience

  • Increased support to staff

Staff are required to bring with them a case, practice issue or discussion point relating to the named topic to the session for reflection within peer supervision. 

Staff attending the peer supervision groups should seek manager approval in attending sessions, or managers themselves can nominate staff to attend sessions relevant to an identified need whether for case reflection or personal development.

Staff and Managers should be aware that peer supervision groups are based on reflective practice and no case decisions can be made. Each worker discussing a case within a peer supervision session shall receive a written feedback form to discuss with their manager.


Domestic Abuse ; Child Sexual Exploitation; Neglect;  Court and Public Law Outline

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