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Department of Health 6 month monitoring letter

Letter hails improvements in children’s social care


We have received feedback from the DfE which has stated that we are making “positive progress” in improving children’s social care services in Dudley.

In a letter that we received from the government department last week we were praised for our “firm commitment” to driving improvements that will “secure high quality children’s social care services”.

The letter also hailed the “sustained progress” around workforce issues and concluded by saying trends demonstrated “positive progress across the breadth of services”. It said it was “vital” that the current momentum was maintained and that “progress does not lapse”.

We are pleased with the letter, which recognises the continuing improvements that are being made in children’s social care services and is a testament to the hard work of both officers and staff.

Whilst we acknowledge the valuable contribution made by agency staff, we are particularly pleased that they recognised there is still a need to continue to work towards a permanent workforce.

We also know, as the letter says, that we are only part of the way through our journey. But we are committed to doing all we can to get there.

Once again thank you for your continued commitment and support.

Councillor Anne Millward, Cabinet Member for Children Sue Butcher, Director for Children's Services (interim)

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