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Regional CSE campaign is launched

The next phase of the regional child sexual exploitation (CSE) campaign ‘see me, hear me’ has gone live this week.


Dear all

The next phase of the regional child sexual exploitation (CSE) campaign ‘see me, hear me’ has gone live this week.

Called ‘Gaming with AJ – the warning signs were there’, it highlights the frightening reality of a how abusers can target and groom through online gaming. It follows the story of fictional gaming vlogger AJ. The perpetrator grooms him online with gaming tips and free gifts to gain AJ’s trust before abusing him.

A powerful short trailer has been released via digital platforms, primarily targeting gaming sites, as well via Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to also get the message across to parents. The end prompts people to watch the full story, which sits on our website . At the same time a 10 sec clip will be going out via snapchat.

You can also watch the full film and trailer on youtube at the links below.

We are supporting this with posts on the see me, hear me facebook and twitter accounts and sharing these through partner accounts.

As always the campaign aims to raise awareness of CSE and push people to the campaign’s website which features all the new campaign materials. These are all free for you to download and share with the young people you work with. Please do use them.

Please feel free to share information about the campaign with your own networks and we are also asking anyone who uses social media to look out for the messages on twitter (#seemehearme #CSE) and facebook so you can share further, helping us expand the campaign’s reach as widely as possible.

National CSE Awareness Day (Sunday March 18)

We are also promoting CSE awareness day (Sunday March 18). The day aims to encourage everyone to think, spot and speak out against abuse.

People are asked to write a personal pledge on their hands and then post a photo of it on social media using #HelpingHands. The pledge can be anything, from speaking out, to educating others.

For more information on CSE awareness day visit


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