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Developing strong, connected, resilient communities in Dudley - Workshop 9th April

1.00 - 4.30 pm, DY1 Dudley CVS, Stafford Street....


Please forward on to colleagues who can contribute to developing strong, connected resilient communities:

Health and Wellbeing Board partners in Dudley are working together to develop strong, connected, resilient communities. We know there is already lots of great work going on in the borough to build resilient communities and we want to understand what works and what more we can do. To do this we want to bring together a wide range of people with a role in community development and engagement at a workshop to:

1. Share knowledge and understanding about the importance of community resilience

2, Contribute to a vision for strong connected resilient communities

3. Identify how we can all contribute to grow resilience

4. Identify what more we can do to increase resilience

We hope that the workshop will be attended by:

  • Staff and volunteers from across the voluntary, community and faith sector

  • People engaged in community development activity

  • Councillors and Board members from Health and Wellbeing Board partner organisations

  • Staff and volunteers in Council, NHS, Police, Fire and Rescue and Government services with an interest in developing resilient communities

To register your place at the workshop follow the link below and a programme and further details will be available once you have booked

Please do forward this email on to anyone that you think will be interested in attending this workshop

I do hope you can attend the session on 9th April


Deborah Harkins

Chief Officer Health and Wellbeing (Director of Public Health)

Dudley Council

Greound Floor, 3-5 St James Road

Dudley, DY1 1HZ

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