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My Time Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme - Referral Form

My Time Domestic Violence Perpetrator Pr
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Please see attached the referral form for the regional My Time – Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme (DVPP). Referral forms should be sent to

The following changes are being to the DVPP service:

  • Aside from Children’s Social Care, referral pathways will also be open to West Midlands Police and the National Probation Service.

  • The support includes up to 24 weeks intervention. Those referred will be assessed for both an early intervention model and an 18 week DVPP intervention model.

  • Although referrals are accepted region wide, the DVPP programme itself will be delivered in Birmingham, Sandwell, Dudley, and Wolverhampton. Clients will be offered the nearest or most suitable provision location.

The DVPP referral criteria remains the same:

  • Father should be 18 years or over;

  • Father should be accepting some level of responsibility or acknowledgement for domestic abuse;

  • No history of attempts to kill or attempt or strangulation perpetrated against partners or ex partners;

  • Signed consent from adults prior to referral.


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