Children's social services 
Career Progression and Learning and Development

With the development of the Centre for Professional Practice, we have now published our learning and development plan. We want to offer our Children’s Services workforce the best opportunities to progress and lead practice. We want you to be a part of our journey to ‘Good’.

We recognise that learning takes places in a range of different ways, not just through traditional training activities and we offer a wider range of learning and development opportunities for workers at different levels.

Career Progression Offer







ASYE Programme

In Dudley, our cohort of newly qualified Social Workers will receive targeted support from our Advanced Social Work Practitioners at the Centre for Professional Practice. They will be supported to develop their Initial Learning Plans, set their professional objectives, and review their progress at planned points through the year. The Programme includes:-

  • A robust induction with shadowing experiences across a range of services;

  • Set reviews at 3, 6 and 11.5 months; 

  • A comprehensive learning and development programme;

  • Regular group reflective supervision sessions;

  • 12 days study leave;

  • A protected caseload.

Please see our ASYE Handbook for further details.

Step Up to Social Work

Step Up to Social Work is one of Dudley’s pre-qualifying programmes. It is a full time Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work training programme that allows you to become a Social Worker in just 14 months! The programme is fully funded by the DfE, and candidates receive a tax free bursary. There is a mixture of University teaching, a 70 day placement in an Adult Social Care Team, a 100 day placement in a Children’s Social Work Team, and the submission of a Portfolio. At the end of the programme, students who have passed and qualified will have the opportunity to attend an informal interview for a Social Worker role and begin their journey on Dudley’s Assessed and Supported Year of Employment (ASYE) Programme!

Practice Educators Stage 1 + 2

In Dudley, we recognise the importance of practice education within the Social Work profession. Practice Educators offer rich and rewarding learning opportunities, growing and nurturing future generations of Social Worker practitioners. And this is why we have built Practice Education in to our Career Progression offer.


For those practitioners who have been working as a qualified Social Worker for a minimum of 2 years, they will have the opportunity of applying for a fully funded place on the Practice Education Stage 1 course at the University of Birmingham. For those practitioners who are experienced in supervising and assessing Social Worker students in the workplace, there is the opportunity of applying for a fully funded place on the Practice Education Stage 2 course at the University of Birmingham!


To support our Practice Educators, we offer:

  • The Practice Educator Learning and Development Programme – delivered by CPP

  • A Practice Educator Toolkit, to prepare you for your supervisory role!

  • Close support from the CPP, including arranging all placement experiences

  • Workload relief

  • Placement fee payment

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