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Practice Briefing Notes 19 - 26

Practice Briefing Notes 19 - 26

Dear Colleagues,

Following business change requests from practitioners and teams we have made a number of changes to CCM to improve performance data and functionality.

Below are 8 new ‘Practice Briefing Notes’ which outline the new changes to the CCM System.

Please ensure you take the time to read these and adhere to them where appropriate to your service

Practice Briefing Note 19 - CCM Adoption Case Note Type

Practice Briefing Note 20 - Recording on CCM when a child returns to care after or during a previous permanent arrangement

Practice Briefing Note 21 - Youth Offending Service Case Note Type

Practice Briefing Note 22 - Picklist option update for children subject to a Child Arrangement Order

Practice Briefing Note 23 - Updated MASH Pick lists for contacts reasons and outcomes

Practice Briefing Note 24 - Added case notes and picklist options for the Care Leavers and Children in Care Service

Practice Briefing Note 25 - CCM Copying Assessments from previously completed Assessments

Practice Briefing Note 26 - Recording Child Status of ‘Modern Slavery’

Kind Regards

Darren Shaw

Principal Social Worker and Lead for Professional Practice

Centre for Professional Practice

Dudley MBC

Telephone number: 01384 818011

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